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I’ve written quite a few blog posts over the years. That happens when you’ve been blogging as long as I have. (Over a decade now). Obviously, I’ve grown a lot as a writer over that time. But I wanted to take a moment and share some of my most popular posts for Christian women all in one place.

My Most Popular Posts For Christian Women

Faith, Fat, & Fitness

I have gained a ton of weight since my 30th birthday and now I’m looking deeper into the relationship between faith and fitness. I have gotten some great feedback on this post from other women who are right where I am. If this is you, know you are not alone.

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Only Jesus Can Heal The Pain in My Aching Heart

I’m not just crying over the pain of what happened to me, but over the situation that caused it all to resurface. Yet Jesus healed me once and He can… Read more in this post.

Whitewashed Christianity

I believe the message of Easter to the very core of my being, but sometimes life is hard. It weighs on me, and I let the stress of it pollute my soul. Sometimes I feel whitewashed. Can you relate? Read more in this post on Candidly Christian.

The Truth About My Life – Online & Off

I am an introvert. The fact of the matter is, it’s easier for me to make friends online, than it is in the real world. But here’s what it doesn’t mean…

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Back To The Beginning With Jesus

When I have a bad day, I like to go back to the beginning with Jesus. Because Jesus changes everything.

Read more in this post.

Chronic Pain and Lukewarm Faith

This is a guest post I wrote for Chronically Hopeful that features “3 Steps to Rekindle Your Faith.” While I wrote it with people who suffered from chronic pain in mind, everyone seemed to love it. It was shared by multiple women the day it was published. So, you should definitely check it out here.

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A Few More Of My Favorite Posts

Gospel Moments

Have you ever wondered what the gospel looks like in real life? Sometimes it’s not pretty, but at the same time, it’s downright beautiful. That’s what I look at in this post.

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Gratitude Moments

This is one of my all-time favorite posts. I really don’t know how it did ranking wise, because it’s a guest post over on my friend Jessica’s site. But I highly recommend checking it out.

What are gratitude moments? I’ve learned that they are so much more effective than lists, at least for me. Read my post on Jessica’s website to learn more.

Find this post on Jessica’s site here.

Lazy Days

A good lazy day now and again is awesome. I had one earlier this month and it reminded me of a spiritual lesson we all need to know…

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